Free trading software with Zeropro trading software


ZeroPro provides the speed and all the features that are needed in a trading software. Dynamic streaming quotes, charting and level 2 are just a few features ZeroPro delivers. All windows are customizable and can save multiple layouts. If you're looking for a powerful trading system that is feature rich ZeroPro is it.

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Free trading software with Zeroweb trading software


ZeroWeb is great and easy to use trading software. Included are many of the same features as ZeroPro. Some of the great features are real-time charting, indicators, top lists, news and more. ZeroWeb is a great choice for beginners or active traders.

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Free trading software with Zerofree trading software


ZeroFree is our totally FREE HTML5 browser based trading system. Designed for MAC and Windows and built for novice traders. Real-time basic data is included for Amex, NASDAQ and NYSE. Our ZeroFree can be scaled up with additional data making it a more robust system for the real active trader.

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Free trading software with ZeroMobile trading software


With the state-of-the-art mobile apps, access your trading account wherever you go. Trade stocks in real-time while on the go. View real-time streaming quotes. Access the account portfolio. Check open orders and executions. The mobile app links to the ZeroPro and ZeroWeb apps. Orders that are sent, update dynamically in all platforms. Take a tour of the ZeroMobile apps. This is sold only as an add on to existing ZeroWeb or ZeroPro users.

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Platform Comparison

Features ZeroPro ZeroWeb ZeroFree ZeroMobile
Price Per Month $59 per mo. includes both $0 per mo. $0 per mo. / included with all platforms
Level 2 /# of Level 2 Windows Yes/ 10+ windows Yes/ 10+ windows Yes/ 1 window No
Advanced HotKeys Yes Yes Add-on / $15 per month No
Charting with Indicators Yes/ 10+ windows Yes/ 10+ windows Yes/ 2 windows Yes
Real-time News Yes Yes Yes Yes
Stock Screener Yes No No No
Options Trading Yes No Coming Soon Coming Soon
Alerts Yes No No No
Real-time NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ Level 1 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Top Lists - Gainers, Losers, Changers Yes No No No
Custom Layouts Yes Yes No No
Window Linking Yes Yes Yes No
Mac/iOS Compatibility No* Yes Yes Yes
*NOT SUPPORTED - Possible with Windows Emulation Software. See FAQ