It is important for investors to look for the most appropriate stocks to invest in each month. October is no different and direct access trading can help traders, despite the challenges involved. The pandemic situation still isn’t over, and there are political uncertainties such as the presidential election and the continuing US-China trade tensions. But despite that, there are some glowing examples of stocks that rise above the uncertainties, which may be great for a long-term investing perspective.  

Long-term Stock Options that Have Had Tremendous Growth    
Motley Fool’s analyst Chris Neiger points out two tech stocks that have seen their share prices skyrocket significantly in the past 12 months. Amazon ($AMZN) has seen its share price rise 81% while Shopify ($SHOP) had a 228% rise. Both these companies have enjoyed tailwinds because of people staying at home and keeping away from outdoor transactions involving physical contact. The renewed push towards online purchasing and e-commerce has caused these companies to experience significant growth. With people experiencing the convenience of online shopping, these companies are likely to experience growth even after the pandemic era.  

The coming months could see a great deal of price swinging, says Neiger in 2 Hot Stocks to Buy in October. But that’s where a long-term perspective makes all the difference, as Amazon and Shopify are part of that long-term approach.  
Strategies Ideal for the Start of an Economic Cycle    
There is nothing out of the ordinary, says Morgan Stanley’s Andrew Sheets, as reported by MarketWatch. Despite the pandemic, the Brexit noise, the political and trade tensions between the United States and China, and the upcoming presidential election, Sheets believes that the markets really have only performed as they usually would when a fresh economic cycle starts. So, 2020 need not be considered a year without any familiar patterns. Sheets states that investors should keep following investment strategies they would normally adhere to as a fresh economic cycle starts. Such strategies normally succeed when there is a flattening of inflation and growth expectations.  
Factors such as the weaker dollar, the rising performance shown by the market equities, the spreading gap between the long-term and short-term yields, and the growing expectations of inflation have all been seen at the beginning of previous recoveries of the market.  

With an expert view of the markets, there is a stronger sense of direction you can adopt that helps you look beyond the chaotic headlines and news reports. Make the most of advanced online trading platforms that offer you direct market access.  
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