One thing you learn in stock trading is that the markets aren’t always predictable, and that’s the only certainty. But with the right analysis tools as well as user-friendly stock trading software, things are made easier. 

You do get gloomy news sometimes in stock trading. But the real danger is not getting the news of the gloomy situation well in advance and then being totally unprepared for it. When you get the picture, at least you’ll know what you need to do.

What’s the Gloom About?

There is some gloomy news circulating. It says that the coming decade could be one where market returns will be mediocre. That appears in stark contrast to how it was these past 10 years, when the returns were above average. MarketWatch columnist Mark Hulbert breaks this news, which certainly will bring gloom to investors. But then again, the growth of these past 10 years wasn’t predicted before this decade started. Even if there were bulls around, 2010 to 2019 just wasn’t expected to be among the best decades for the stock market in history.

There was good reason for that. The previous decade was one of recession, which was the result of the Financial Crisis. Since the time of the Great Depression, there never was a bear market as strong as the one in the last decade. There was ambiguity over whether the bear market had really ended, though it actually had. Hulbert recalls that it was from June 2009 that the recession’s effects wore off. But the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) only announced the end of the recession in September 2010.  

Are Gloom Predictions Right?

So, can predictions of gloom for the next decade be right? Hulbert reasons that really great decades usually precede mediocre decades, or even worse decades. 10-year returns of the stock market usually display a tendency for regressing. But still, what’s predicted isn’t necessarily what happens.

Some Long-term Growth Opportunities for the Next Decade

Don’t let this prediction put you down too much, because Motley Fool analyst Joe Tenebruso suggests stocks to buy and to hold for the next decade. These stocks could give you some great returns on investment. They benefit from long-term opportunities for growth.

Online Retail the Major Catalyst for Growth

The stocks Tenebruso points out are Amazon ($AMZN), Mastercard ($MA) and Visa ($V). All three stocks are hitching on the ecommerce boom. As you know, Amazon dominates the ecommerce market. But there’s still massive room to grow since online retail makes up just 15% of the total retail sales globally. So there’s the major opportunity for revenue to grow.  The company also tastes growth in its cloud business and digital ad division.

Apart from retail transactions that require digital payment forms, there is the general shift towards digital cash globally. And Visa and Mastercard stand to benefit from this significantly. For every transaction facilitated by these payment processor networks, they earn fees. There are countless transactions each second, amounting to more than 100 billion each year. The past year Visa generated $14.7 billion while Mastercard $9.3 billion in terms of operating profits. So they’ve got massive potential in the next decade.


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