Stock trading is no longer the black art it used to be. The public is embracing the idea of buying  stocks and helping them are online trading brokers.   

The advantages of TradeZero’s direct market center access trading platforms and commission free model were highlighted on by Dan Pipitone, founder of and TradeZero America, on the Positive Phil podcast. Pipitone’s remarks on positivity and motivational quotes was inspiring for the audience. Dan always looks to improve himself, continuously striving for perfection. Both his personal and professional decisions embody this philosophy. It’s exactly what motivated him and his partners when they sold Noble Trading and started the innovative online broker dealer firm in 2015.

TradeZero and TradeZero America

During the podcast, Pipitone explained that TradeZero is actually made up of two companies - TradeZero and TradeZero America. TradeZero, founded in 2015, is aimed at non-US investors who like to trade in the US markets. But since its founding in 2015, Pipitone and his partners received a great deal of interest from US investors. Since TradeZero was designed only for international customers, Pipitone and his partner John Muscatella decided to start a dedicated brokerage site for US residents. That’s the story behind the founding of TradeZero America in 2018, which offers the same high tech and innovative features as the TradeZero international broker dealer..

TradeZero has always offered its own proprietary technology to its customers. They are constantly developing and improving their trading technology allowing them to offer professional grade trading tools in a commission-free environment.  

Where Do the Earnings Come From?

While zero commission trading has now become more common, when TradeZero launched it in 2015 it created a lot of interest. It still does. Pipitone explained that TradeZero’s quest for excellence and for making trading easier, cheaper and faster for customers spurred the broker dealer to innovate with commission-free trading. But the inevitable question that comes up is how does the online broker dealer make profit if it offers commission free trading?

Pipitone highlighted three key avenues by which TradeZero makes money. One is by way of margin interest. The second is by routing. TradeZero receives rebates from exchanges and market centers for directing order flow to them. Third, TradeZero earns revenue from its intraday short locate access. For a fee, TradeZero provides short locate shares to its customers who want to short sell equities.

TradeZero’s Robust Platforms 

TradeZero offers desktop and web platforms that are high tech and robust. They offer features such as Level 2 market data, multiple charts, real-time news, the ability to trade with just your keyboard, etc. TradeZero also offers a mobile platform for trading on the go.   

Customer Care at a Higher Level

Pipitone then talked about the top-level customer care offered by TradeZero. Customer service representatives help customers individually with all trading aspects including explaining the TradeZero trading platform, helping set up hot keys and answering general administrative questions. TradeZero offers customer support by phone or live chat via its website.  TradeZero offers its customers with a personal and comprehensive level of service. Perhaps some of the best in this sector.

Pipitone concludes with an affirmation of his and TradeZero’s quest for pursuing excellence and breaking down traditional boundaries. That ensures TradeZero keeps getting better ,and sparks new innovations to help traders. Experience TradeZero by calling (718) 709-4925 or sending an email to


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