Throughout July and August the $SPY has trended mostly up, encouraging many to speculate that the end of the bear market may be near.

(ZeroPro: 8/22/22)

In terms of hot stocks, Bed Bath & Beyond ($BBBY) is today’s focus. We’ll explore how it truly went beyondexpectations, reaching highs of $30 in mid August, 2022.

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Bed and Bath went Beyond.

(ZeroPro: 8/22/22)

In August, $BBBY broke out of the $6 level reaching highs of $30 - totaling a 400% increase. Just a few short days after reaching highs, on August 22, it was trading back near the $9s.

How did it start?

(The Street: 8/22/22)

The Washington Post reported that the surge was triggered after a regulatory filing showed activist investor and Chairman of GameStop, Ryan Cohen, was betting big on the big-box retailer. Conversation was said to have ignited across social media and message boards.

How did it end?
The Street reported that Ryan Cohen sold all of his shares on August 16 and 17 generating a 56% profit on his initial investment.

(The Street: 8/22/22)

The best trade for retail short sellers

(ZeroPro: 8/22/22)

On August 17 the stock sold off into the close. The selling is indicated by the yellow square towards the end of the trading day. The following day, both technical and fundamental reasons aligned to short the stock.

Technical analysis:
After running from $6 - $30 (400%) the stock closed weak on August 17 before opening red on August 18 for what traders call the: ‘First Red Day’ short pattern.

Fundamental analysis: The stock moved due to the catalyst that Ryan Cohen had invested in $BBBY. Once he had sold all of his shares the catalyst is no longer valid.

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Lessons to conclude:

  • As a short selling day trader you should never underestimate how high a stock can go. Even larger companies with bigger floats, like $BBBY, can run further than you think.

  • When technical analysis matches up with a fundamental catalyst you often get the best trading opportunities.

  • As a short selling day trader you never need to guess the top. Waiting for the first red day can save money and grey hairs.

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