Online broker dealer TradeZero America, which helped bring many retail traders and investors into the world of online stock trading, recently announced its membership to the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the NYSE ARCA Equities (NYSE Arca) exchange. TradeZero America already has membership in the NYSE AMEX Options exchange as well. 
A Boost to TradeZero America’s Growth Plans  
TradeZero America’s co-founder Dan Pipitone considers this membership to be an important aspect of the broker firm’s “forward momentum”. NYSE Group’s Head of Equities Hope Jarkowski said that the membership into NYSE enables TradeZero America to enjoy the advantages of direct trading on the NYSE as well as the NYSE Arca. It would perfectly complement the features and innovations already present on the broker firm’s trading platforms. If anything, it would only contribute to better serve retail investors.    
Co-founder Pipitone Rings the Closing Bell  
To celebrate TradeZero America’s membership into the NYSE, Dan Pipitone, Executives of TradeZero, and their guests rang the closing bell on the NYSE on August 24, 2021.
Initiating One and All to Stock Trading through Advanced Tools 
Since its launch in 2019, TradeZero America has been providing commission-free trading to encourage retail traders and investors to try online stock trading. It offers access to the stock and options markets in the United States and provides innovative tools for retail investors to acquire a competitive edge in decision making. It helps both beginners and expert traders to trade effectively through a range of advanced but user-friendly trading platforms for desktop, web, and mobile devices.  
TradeZero America offers a variety of platforms and investors can select the platform that’s appropriate for them based on their skill level. The high-grade tools include hotkeys, Market Depth stock data, and other features.      
Advanced Stock Locate Feature 
What’s unique about TradeZero America is that it provides retail investors with short selling options through access to a range of locate shares. It has developed an advanced stock locate feature built into all of its platforms and available to all clients. The locator enables clients to purchase locates for short selling and sell any unused or unwanted locates to other TradeZero America clients. These clients may then use these locates for their own short selling. 
Direct Market Center Routing 
TradeZero America also offers its clients direct market access routing feature which enables them to route their orders directly to the market center or individual exchange of their choice. This service is offered commission free to clients maintaining a minimum balance of $30,000.      
This membership to the NYSE and NYSE ARCA is a feather in the cap for TradeZero America and a big boost to the ambitions of the brokerage firm, strengthened by the goodwill of its clients. Its' advanced online trading services have popularized stock trading for the uninitiated, and this news will only boost its appeal.          

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