What is a Trading Platform?
When an individual decides that they would like to open and manage a brokerage account, he or she must select and download onto their computer or device a trading platform, such as ZeroPro by TradeZero. This trading platform is the software or program which allows a trader to execute the buying and selling of securities. Most brokers provide a trading platform along with their services or a trader may also be able to find a separate platform that they can link to their brokerage account. Think of a trading platform as a trader’s cockpit when navigating the market where they have all the tools they will need to effectively manage their account. These tools include things such as charts, ticker info, real time quotes, news feeds, analysis, chats and more.

With so many different trading platforms out there, it could be difficult for a trader to know which one may be best for him or her. TradeZero is currently offering a free trial of their ZeroPro software. They also offer a free version of their trading platform, ZeroFree, as well as a browser version ZeroWeb and a mobile version called ZeroMobile. Not all trading platforms provide a free trial, or a free version of their software. This leaves it up to the trader to know what they are looking for when searching, paying for and downloading a trading platform. The purpose of this article is to outline the key points to look for when selecting a trading platform.

Key Points to look for:

  • Features included in the trading platform
Each trading platform out there is going to provide a trader with the basic tools they need to execute trades.  Generally, this is going to include charting tools and the ability to execute the buying and selling of securities. The amount of features each platform provides will vary. Some are very basic, and some go above and beyond with the features they provide. Others include tons of features but unfortunately put them together in a manner that is tough for one to use or navigate. It is a good idea to check out reviews on platforms by traders who use or have used them.  Previously mentioned, there are also many brokers that provide free trials so you can see if you like their trading platform. TradeZero’s free trial of ZeroPro is a great way to see if ZeroPro works for an aspiring trader!

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  • Trading platform fees
As a day trader it is nice to open an account and use a platform that has minimal or even no fees. There are plenty of commission free broker platforms out there which helps when a trader is making frequent trade executions.  If TradeZero is a platform that seems appealing, their ZeroFree software may be a good choice to avoid the fees that come with other trading platforms.  Keep in mind that the free version of their software is not going to include all the features that the pro version does.  This may be fine at first, but an evolving trader may find that free isn’t always best and decide that it would be worth paying to add additional tools to his or her trading arsenal.

  • Does the trading platform cater to a trader’s needs?
As traders in the market each have their own unique trading personality, or trading style.  A platform that works well for one trader may not work quite as well for another trader. This could be for many reasons such as the features included, fees, ease of use, simplicity of navigation and order execution, how easy the screen is on the eye and so forth.

Some trading platforms use high contrast colors in the charts which causes eye strain for some traders.  Other brokers may not allow the customization of the screen to a trader’s liking. Trying several different platforms to find one that jives with the individual trader’s wants and needs is the best way to find a platform worth settling into.  After all, a trader needs to be comfortable and confident when coming to the market and assured that their trading platform will allow them to execute trades in a stress-free manner.

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