At TradeZero there are four options when it comes to choosing stock trading software: ZeroPro, ZeroWeb, ZeroFree, and ZeroMobile. Each stock trading software has its own features that a trader can choose from, it all depends on the personal preference of a trader. Having and using a stock trading software that has all the right tools and features can be considered one of the key factors towards consistency as a day trader. Both the free stock trading software and the pro stock trading software will be looked at in this blog.

(TradeZero, September 2022)

Free Stock Trading Software: ZeroMobile

This platform is a free stock trading software that is available only for mobile phones, this can be of great use when a trader is unable to be in front of the computer but still needs to manage a trading position. The following features are included on the ZeroMobile application: charts, news, watchlist, symbol search, open orders, fundamental data, direct stock locates, and closed positions. From my experience, it is a great platform for swing trading or investing, but for actively day trading and scalping it is not as suitable. The pro stock trading software is a better fit for those high-frequency executions when comparing it to free stock trading software.

(TradeZero, September 2022)

Free Stock Trading Software: ZeroFree

This too is a free stock trading software from TradeZero, it is a browser-based platform that will run on any connected device, this includes phones, tablets, desktops, and laptops. This platform includes: real-time charting, level 2, a locate window, news, and custom watchlists, it is, therefore, a good platform, in my opinion, for a beginning trader. A trader can customize the layout by switching the windows to a place of preference. The simplicity of this free stock trading software is what makes it good especially for beginning traders, this way the main focus can be put on executions and the actual process of trading.

(TradeZero, September 2022)

Pro Stock Trading Software:

As a trader is progressing in his trading journey the switch from free trading software to pro trading software is something to consider thinking about. Some traders may never want to switch to such a platform because the simplicity of the current platform suits them best. It is something that is different for every trader and should therefore be a personal choice that a trader makes. There is no good or bad it all depends on the trader’s preference. However, for traders looking for more advanced stock trading software, TradeZero has two pro platforms: ZeroWeb and ZeroPro.

(TradeZero, September 2022)


This platform is a paid platform that is also web-based. The windows can be linked with one another and the layout is customizable. A trader can point and click to trade on the chart or use the advanced hotkeys when trading on the web platform. This platform includes the following features: a Portfolio window, chart window, level 2, hotkeys, and a watchlist. The features on this platform are more advanced than that of the free trading software, it may be of great use for the active day traders and scalp traders that need to execute a lot of orders.

(TradeZero, September 2022)

This is the most advanced trading software that TradeZero offers, it requires some practice and understanding to get familiar with the platform. It is software that has to be downloaded on a Windows laptop or PC to be able to use it, so it is not web-based. The platform provides traders with a lot of advanced features: Portfolio window, chart window, level 2, news, top list, time & sales, watch list, alarm setting, high low ticker, conditional orders, market clock, short locates, and options. All of the windows are fully customizable and a trader can save multiple layouts.

Whether you are a beginning trader or a more advanced trader there is the perfect trading software for every trader. Generally, in my opinion, free trading software is best for traders who are looking for simplicity with zero extra costs whereas  pro stock trading software offers traders more advanced functionality. The only way to find out which trading platform suits a trader best is by trying them all out for some time and then choosing what suits you best.

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