Why ZeroPro Trading Software for Short Selling
TradeZero is one of the few day trading brokers that gives day traders with different account sizes an opportunity to become successful at short selling. Read this article to learn why Tradezero and its trading software is a leader in this field for new day traders! Now that you have read the article let us dive into why you want to start short selling with the ZeroPro trading software and why its efficiency matters to you.

ZeroPro Trading Software for Day Trading
ZeroPro is the leading trading software under TradeZero for short sellers. With countless opportunities for customization, you can turn this trading software into a short sellers’ dream. They have many features that will make your day trading journey smooth and efficient such as hot keys. ZeroPro trading software is easy to navigate, easy for beginners to learn quickly, quick for the pros, very easy to customize, and affordable! With ZeroPro being one of the recommended trading softwares amongst successful day traders, it only makes sense to use the best if you want to become the best.

Setting Up ZeroPro for Day Traders
When opening up your TradeZero margin account you must decide which platform you are going to day trade with. In this article I will walk you through ZeroPro; the trading software favored amongst short selling day traders.
Setting up your ZeroPro trading software is simple. Log into your account and click the "Software" button located at the top left corner. Next proceed to clicking on ZeroPro and follow the instructions. You don't have to worry as there are directions to walk you through it which are easy to follow. If you click on your name located on the top right hand corner of your screen, you will be given the option to click on "Client Portal" this will take you to another screen where you can hover your cursor over the "Trading" tab and click "Platform Selection". Here you will be able to begin your ZeroPro journey. In case you have any difficulties you can click the bottom right green circle with the white circle inside and message customer support. They are more than happy to help fellow day traders.

After you have agreed to the documents proceed and submit. You will be directed to the latest version and may begin downloading your ZeroPro trading software immediately. It's THAT EASY! Make sure you are using a Windows based computer for ZeroPro but don't worry MAC users ZeroWeb is for you and a MAC version for ZeroPro is in the works and will be released in the future.

Customizing Your ZeroPro Trading Software
Isn't she a beauty! When you log into your trading software for the first time, you will see a screen that looks like the image below. You're welcome day traders, now you have everything in one place! With efficiency in mind, you have the premarket and market open clock at your fingertips. Get the real feel of being on Wall Street as you see the clock ticking closer to that adrenaline pumping bell!

As day traders, we need easy access. With the navigation toolbar at the top of the ZeroPro trading software, you won't have to worry about losing a tab by accident. Simply click an icon and drag the boxes to your desired location. They can even pop off your screen if necessary. OH! and don't forget to open up multiple charts so you can keep track of all your short selling charts.

Want to Start Short Selling?
GOOD! All you have to do, day traders, is click the "Short Locates" icon at the top and prepare your ticker. Want to set up hot keys? Simply click the "Hot Keys" tab and get ready to day trade. Need an alert so you don't miss out on a short selling setup you've been waiting to form? The ZeroPro trading software has your back! Tap on the "Alarm Manager" icon at the top that looks like a ringing bell and establish your criteria so you can get notifications.

(TradeZero: July 12, 2022)

Level UP with Level 2
Using level 2 can be an important component of good trading to the long and short side. You'll want to watch it to study the tape for supply and demand and to focus on key points to enter and exit the stock. Level two is a core part of ZeroPro trading software.

A Day Trader's Best Friend
Having the right trading software is like having a furry loyal companion. They say dogs are man's best friend, well, in the stock market your trading software is a day trader's best friend. Without a loyal trading software a short seller cannot execute efficiently and will miss out on cash flowing opportunities necessary to grow their accounts.

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