In a bear market year, it can feel like there’s little to be thankful for. But, in the spirit of the holiday that’s just passed, while the final remnants of your turkey digest (for those that celebrated), here’s my three reasons to be thankful in this market.

We’re 12 months in.

(ZeroPro: 11/28/22)

We’ve been in a down trend for almost a year now. So while there’s absolutely no way to predict when we’ll come out of this, we’re at least 12 months further into it than we started.

We’re at the very least, some way through this bearish cycle.

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The opportunity to learn something new.

(ZeroPro: 11/28/22)

It’s comforting to learn that when one market sector goes a little quiet (micro-cap stocks) another can provide opportunity (large-cap stocks).

More so, a lot of the reasons for execution may remain the same, for example, the trend-break and repeated candle wicks (topping action) on $AMZN on November 28, can be identified as similar price action we see on micro-cap stocks (see below) on $KTRA.

(ZeroPro: 11/28/22)

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It’s a great time to start.

It can be considered that the current bear market teaches new and existing traders to be more disciplined, precise and accurate in their trading. This is typically because there may be less opportunities in a bear market, so the trader needs to take more advantage of what’s available.

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One final thing we should be thankful for is that there are many other reasons to be thankful other than the stock market: family, health and friends, to name a few.


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